Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's links

Debating light rail? Think long term | The Columbian

Twitter / Bubbles: @RocketIsRad shit, I bet you don't get on the bus he drives for TriMet and ask him when he's getting a "real job."

Twitter / K. Gibson: I wonder if anyone let #trimet know that their "shelters" on the green line are pretty much ineffectual if there's any wind.

Twitter / Kal Cobalt: Comical moment calling TriMet line to check on my bus - iPhone doesn't fit easily between my hoodie hood and my giant dangly 0g ear jewelry!

Twitter / Lena Munday: Grey days, empty streets, Trimet rides = time to think about art!

Twitter / Kon1: Got hella meanstreak tags in SE too! Oh and I hit a trimet bus with the bizzness! Should be flossin on the baack of the 72 all day!

Twitter / Melissa: I would love to know why it's ok for Trimet to park a bus thats not even in-service in the bike lane, forcing me into busy traffic going 50+ 3:08 PM Jan 23rd from web

Twitter / KTBMO: I love me some tranny bus driver... #trimet 8:41 AM Jan 23rd from Tweetie

Twitter / Carol Pucci: Portland public transport so far ahead of Seattle. Ride all day for $4.75, lite rail, buses, streetcars 8:34 AM Jan 23rd from Echofon

Twitter / This is my real name: I'm in a cab. Fuck you, Trimet. Faintly smells of shit under futile attempt at masking it. 1:39 AM Jan 23rd from txt

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