Thursday, January 21, 2010


King County Metro North Base Field Trip

Sandy man beaten on Gresham MAX platform will get $75,000

Hey @trimet this was on the 15 belmont. FYI

TriMet light-rail substation incorporates art, wind, sun

TriMet: South Terminus Energy Project

Twitter / Meg Krugel: i've long loved public transit, but today, #trimet driver humiliated me and brought me to tears. needless to say, the love affair is over.

Twitter / spidermitch: Dear @TriMet, thanks for once again wasting my time with a mysterious evaporating bus. I'm taking a dump in the back of the 35. Good day. MM 7:40 AM Jan 19th from TweetDeck

Filming on @trimet.

Twitter / Lynn Twiss: #trimet MAX driver totally just talked smack over the PA to two riders that caused the train to stop at a light. 11:23 PM Jan 16th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Laura Jane: I am riding @trimet for the first time today! This is a big step for a former Metro girl...wish me luck. 2:23 PM Jan 16th from twidroid

Twitter / L Benjamin Fenton: Drama on the Max: I just saw some kid run away when a TriMet Officer tried to give him a 75$ ticket. He got away. 11:32 AM Jan 16th from txt

Twitter / Amanda Wolfe: Are the folks who program the Trimet trip planner on drugs? To get to Kennedy school from the Pearl, it says Blue to 82nd, then #72? WTF? 9:41 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Chris Ross: @trimet Bus drivers selectively enforcing formally fareless square--the more insane and rude you act, the more likely you are to get a pass. 6:47 PM Jan 15th from Tweetie

Twitter / Nik Anderson: @trimet very exciting! Bus driver at the rose garden came across the center line to almost hit me head on. I was the white Subaru, honking. 5:27 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Twitter / adrienne morris: Fuck you, trimet, due to your incorrect timing i'm probably getting a write up at work. YOU'RE SO CONVENIENT. 5:23 PM Jan 15th from txt

Twitter / swansonx4: Pretty sure TriMet is trying to crush my will to live today... 5:00 PM Jan 15th from Twee

Twitter / smartasskicker: And i ask, yet again... When did Trimet get so dysfunctional? What a waste of time. 5:00 PM Jan 15th from txt

Twitter / Mandi Baldwin: @Dan_Christensen Tell all your brethren that I am VERY impressed w/ the professionalism and friendliness of all the PDX trimet people I meet 1:18 AM Jan 15th from web

Twitter / morgaN Star: really enjoys the daily adventure that is trimet 10:51 PM Jan 14th from Swift

Twitter / Mandi Baldwin: Watching some serious drama unfold on the train #trimet 9:56 PM Jan 14th from twidroid

Twitter / Brennan: The 44 bus smells like the inside of a hobo's armpit. Sorry to offend any hobos on Twitter/facebook. #pdx #trimet #fb 9:31 PM Jan 14th from txt

Twitter / Danny Chaoflux: Trimet ticket machine had epic unescapable error message via windows 95 looking popup. Trimet cops hassling people who got onboard anyhow. 5:50 PM Jan 14th from Twigee

YouTube - TriMet Buzzing Lamp at major bus stop.3gp [may be 61X stop at Beaverton TC]

Twitter / malken19: VR FRAK YEAH!!!! SOMEONE TURNED MY WALLET INTO TRIMET. JUST FOUND IT AT LOST AND FOUND!!!:) in Portland, OR 10:49 AM Jan 14th from Loopt

Twitter / Jane Pellicciotto: New to the bus. Very impressed by TriMet's site structure and features. They've thought of everything. 10:44 AM Jan 14th from web

Twitter / Weston Ruter: Ugh, there are waaay too many buses on line 8 Jackson Park to OHSU and Veteran's Hospital… Every. Single. Bus. @TriMet 9:20 AM Jan 14th from web

Twitter / Meredith L Thomasson: Hey @trimet, want to know why your ridership is so low? MAX trains don't stop long enough for people to get on board! 8:06 AM Jan 14th from Tweetie

Twitter / cthulhubert: Class got out 20 minutes early because the teacher kinda spaced. But Trimet would still get me home same time as waiting for the shuttle. 8:09 PM Jan 13th from txt

Twitter / Peter: @OregonianBiz Really? They must have stellar pr. Since the horrific bus line changes they refuse to address you'd think TriMet was pro rider 7:45 PM Jan 13th from Seesmic

Twitter / Rayleen Courtney: Getting on the westbound Max in NE, with grocery totes... right before a Blazer game. Epic TriMet fail. 7:14 PM Jan 13th from txt

Twitter / Andy Sherwood: It's always disturbing when you can smell skeezy people before you see them on MAX. #trimet 6:22 PM Jan 13th from TweetDeck

NYC Follows TriMet's Lead on Open Source

Twitter / ginarau: Sad to report that there is little to no use of "excuse me" when trying to get off a crowded @trimet train - more of a push. What happened? 5:02 PM Jan 13th from Twikini

Twitter / Joshua Ray : Got to love drivers with attitudes #trimet #fail 8:22 AM Jan 13th from Swift

Twitter / MrMojave: I haven't seen a fare inspector in weeks. So what happens when I forget my annual pass for the 1st time in a yr? Booted from train #trimet 8:15 AM Jan 13th from Twitterrific

Twitter / Hilarius: When oh when did Trimet go to shit? 11:08 PM Jan 12th from web

Father disputes TriMet video of child trapped by doors

Twitter / elliotay: found out @avatron is going to pay for an annual trimet pass for me once we move downtown. How sweet is that?! 6:49 PM Jan 12th from Tweetie

Funny, I'm on 82nd, not Division.... #trimet

Twitter / Patricia Wiggin: Why can't @trimet's 57 line EVER be on time!?!? Shoot me. 4:28 PM Jan 12th from txt

Twitter / Joe Wilson: @trimet driver on bus 2531 just stopped in auto lane to pick me up, rather than cut off man on bike in bike lane. Awesome. More please. 4:19 PM Jan 12th from Echofon

Twitter / Lisa Vequinox: police the rude drivers of Trimet. Things are getting out of hand. create new jobs in pdx that way with undercover riders! 1:00 PM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Lisa Vequinox: Someone needs to police the rude drivers of Trimet. Things are getting out of hand. My DH asked a simple question and driver ignored him. 12:58 PM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Katrina Wheeler: @seschloss @oregonian @TriMet Service also seems to be more frequent & more accessible in areas where its not needed as much 11:35 AM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Chad Solomon: @oranviri Yes, But KCM can count via fares, TriMet does not log passes or transfers as you get on like KCM does. 7:58 AM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Jenna: Also: I think I missed a memo from trimet changing bus schedules AGAIN. Feck. 5:10 AM Jan 12th from Echofon

Twitter / Oran Viriyincy: @atomictaco Oh and TriMet's old logo arrowheads partly resemble a Triforce, a powerful relic from Zelda. 6:41 PM Jan 19th from Tweetie

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