Thursday, January 7, 2010


Twitter / shmoove: Almost no one's on this bus. Doesn't stop the driver yelling about her day. #pdx #trimet  Twitter / Daniel Hückmann: MAX tracks damaged for northbound lines on the steel bridge. MAX completely backed up for blocks. #trimet #pdx  Twitter / shmoove: Peeps got on, everyone started talking football. I was the one barfing in the back. #pdx #trimet  Twitter / thomschoenborn: Trimet driver, dripping with sarcasm: "welcome to downtown and the FREE RAIL ZONE."  Twitter / tom bacon: Trimet driver 2916 wont shut fk up  Twitter / Alex Bertolucci: SUV just ran into @trimet max train by PSU Urban Center. Blocking an intersection @pdxcommute  Twitter / Timothy: 2 days in a row I have seen a Trimet person be a total asshole for no reason.  Twitter / MrMojave: I lose about 70 minutes every week because the Green Line leaves PiSq one minute before the Blue Line arrives. Weak. #trimet  MAX glitches strand hundreds of Blazers fans outside Rose Garden after loss | Oregon Local News -

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