Monday, January 11, 2010

January 10th, 2009

Twitter / antonymity: The Triforce is hidden in TriMet's logo. 5:42 PM Jan 9th from txt

Twitter / Jan Anderson: Wishing @DARTmedia ran buses & trains as often as @TriMet does! Burrrrrrrrrrrr 4:01 PM Jan 9th from Echofon

Twitter / Joe Carey: replaced the family car with and 3:03 PM Jan 9th from web

Twitter / Josh Belville: I'm sitting in Car 205, aka the Gunter Ernst Car, the first car to be delivered to TriMet in 1997. #themoreyouknow 2:13 PM Jan 9th from txt

punkrawker blogs on: Community Transit threatens Sunday Service

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