Wednesday, January 6, 2010


TriMet: News Release - TriMet's Milwaukie Park & Ride facility opens for riders

Streetsblog San Francisco: How Google and Portland’s TriMet Set the Standard for Open Transit Data

Davin Studer (maxmemoirs) on Twitter ("Mostly updates about odd or funny stuff I see while riding the Trimet Max line with an occasional bike or bus commute incident.")

Photo of bad parker on the Portland Mall taken by Joseph Rose

KATU: Two more cases may be linked to suspect dubbed the 'TriMet Barber'

KATU (includes video): Victims: Man cut our hair while we rode TriMet

Daily Journal of Commerce: Cuts planned in case Measures 66, 67 fail ("The Oregon Department of Transportation would cut $1 million in grants to transit districts across the state that pay for rides for elderly and disabled people who can’t get around otherwise. TriMet alone would lose $405,000 under the proposal.")

TriMet Renewable Energy Project -

Snow + West Hills + lack of tire chains = TriMet mess | My Oregon -

What the hell is wrong with TriMet and they have no one answering the phone at 10pm to close? - TriMet Sucks for Pets | Google Groups

random policy concept: family transit passes - transcon | Google Groups

new agenda item - transit - transcon | Google Groups

Portland and TriMet learn lessons from snowstorm |

Streetcar project sees five options identified

Streetcar gaming | Old Town -

Goodbye Fareless Square |

Preemptive Karma: How Other Regional Transit Systems Are Coping

Twitter / Nathan Garvison: Air conditioning on the MAX. It's warmer outside. Thanks, Trimet. You make me appreciate my wool coat. :/

Twitter / Lisa Brandt Heckman: Auggh! They booted us all off the 14 due to mechanical problems. Waiting for another from the garage to rescue us. #trimet

Twitter / Karen Evans: first, my 54 was 8 mins late, now my 47 is at least 10 mins late. awesome effing day! #trimet

Twitter / marsala1: Fellow bus rider just said he is giving up on trimet and buying a car. Wow.

Twitter / gazellesoncrack: just got a call from @trimet re: a NYE complaint I made (a MAX just didn't show). Can't believe they called- I am impressed.

Twitter / Joseph Manley: Thank you Trimet for making me late to my first class of the term. Its ok, I forgive you. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

Twitter / Prophetnoise: Don't lie to me Zeffino. Trimet is not a fast cheap alternative. The same $ for the 1 gallon of gas it takes to drive it takes 4 x as long

Twitter / Reid Parham: The busses that don't smell like piss will smell like weed #trimet

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