Saturday, January 9, 2010


TriMet: Resolve to Save Money this Year by Taking Transit

Erik Dewhurst (erikdewhurst) on Twitter: @jeffboek yep, just hopped on the bus with it. The 6' guy with the Mohawk didn't even look twice at me or the computer. #trimet 2:44 PM Jan 7th from web

Working at home due to downtown pdx power outage. Took my work desktop home on the bus. Actually getting work done now. 1:46 PM Jan 7th from web

Twitter / ADRIIIIIIIIAAAAAN!!!: got to school two minutes late. they made me call Trimet to prove that there was a power outage and the MAX was super behind. 9:55 AM Jan 7th from txt

Twitter / Joseph Rose: A thankless job? ;-) RT @trimet: We are currently seeking candidates for the Executive Director, Operations position. 1:07 PM Jan 7th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Mary Peveto: Kudos to pdx trimet for keeping things running through the rose qtr power outage. Still getting me where I need to go on time. 1:43 PM Jan 7th from Echofon

Twitter / John Chandler: I'm brushing up on my Spanish thanks to recorded TriMet announcements. #laultimaparadainlazonauno 5:38 PM Jan 7th from mobile web

Should TriMet have fired the bus driver? | | Upcoming Shows

Twitter / .@TheSquare Does this mean I can board a @trimet bus or train with a "suspended transfer" for a year? 6:34 PM Jan 7th from TweetDeck

Busted: TriMet driver had suspended license | - News - Portland, Oregon | Local & Regional

Twitter / Rian: OH "doo doo doo doo you've now entered the Trimet zone." 10:13 PM Jan 7th from HTC Peep

Twitter / Kassiane: @Trimet your eastbound guy on the 14 whos way behind is a shining example of why no1 w.other options chooses trimet. #crabbyundermedicat ... 12:01 AM Jan 8th from txt

Twitter / Mark Baker: Used new Milwaukie Park-Ride for 1st time this a.m., took 99 express - awesome. #trimet 8:35 AM Jan 8th from TweetDeck

Twitter / inessa monique vitko: give your @trimet operator a break! RT @pdxcommute: Driving, commute-related jobs among 2010's worst: #pdx #jobs 8:57 AM Jan 8th from HootSuite

Suspended license leads to TriMet driver's suspension | | Featured Videos

Twitter / Cynthia : Almost 3 hrs waiting 4 transport & in transit w/TriMet Lift has left me in PAIN. If I could stand on my head I'd be okay, lol! 3:07 PM Jan 8th from TweetDeck

Embattled TriMet Driver Placed On Leave - Traffic News Story - KPTV Portland

Twitter / Emily Gibson: Dear trimet...i am on the #17 and it smells like poop barf shit 3:24 PM Jan 8th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Tyler Spencer: I am witnessing 1 of 2 possible things: 2 intergalatic military masterminds OR two very nerdy gentlemen discussing video games. Ahh Trimet

Twitter / Travis Mielonen: @trimet really long time w/ no complaints. But long wait at union station & at steel bridge with no ancmts & roudy croud.. info is all they

@trimet finally some info! But the guys on their phones were too loud to hear the announcement. Did hear delays all the way to gateway. :(

Twitter / jennifer green: Bit of weird action at Sunset TC? TriMet gets help from PdxPolice. Why is this girl poking the transit cop?

Elmonica Junctions 1 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Flickr Photo Download: TriMet Route Map Early 90s and Flickr Photo Download: TriMet Map Early 90s Back

How thoughtful on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Someone graffitied the actual correct information onto this bus stop sign.

MAX Green Line Preview Ride - a set on Flickr

Twitter / Brett: The rain increases #trimet riders leading to crowded bus, this increases #stress and more #weirdshit goes down on the bus #cause&effect

Suspicious object that stopped MAX service not dangerous | - News - Portland, Oregon | News

King County, Washington salary database, including some lowly-paid transit operators

Video: KGW reporter blown over by 100 mph Gorge winds | Northwest Headlines -

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