Monday, February 22, 2010

Some links I've saved

» A Very Small Adventure: Riding the Bus | Get Rich Slowly

TriMet: Zero tolerance for bus drivers on phones |

City of Wilsonville Video Vault

TriMet proposes cutting service again and raising fares a nickel | Portland News - –

TriMet's Milwaukie MAX line could transform Portland, Clackamas County neighborhoods | Portland News - –

How to comment on TriMet's proposed fare increases, bus line cuts | Oregon Local News -

TriMet could raise fares 5 cents, cut four bus lines in Portland area | Portland News - –

HUD chief comes to Portland to unveil sustainable community program | Oregon Business News -

SB 835 :: Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Government - The Oregonian Authorizes issuance of lottery bonds and distribution of moneys to Hillsboro and Forest Grove to pay for construction or expansion of commuter rail transportation between Hillsboro and Forest Grove.

HB 3334 :: Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Government - The Oregonian Creates task force to study potential economic impact of developing high speed railway between Eugene and Portland.

HB 3047 :: Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Government - The Oregonian Directs Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon to implement pilot project using volunteer greeters on light rail system vehicles to greet light rail system users and report problems and concerns.

HB 3124 :: Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Government - The Oregonian Requires operator of light rail system to provide stickers and lanyards for visible ticketing.

HB 2408 :: Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Government - The Oregonian Directs Department of Transportation to make report regarding capacity, availability and efficiency of rail transportation in Oregon. [specifically regarding extending WES to Salem]

Oregonian Milwaukie MAX map with videos of station sites

[Added 2/25:]
TriMet restores part of WES service for evening commute | Oregon Local News -

MAX train hits, kills pedestrian between Gresham stations, TriMet reports | Gresham & East County News - –

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's links

Debating light rail? Think long term | The Columbian

Twitter / Bubbles: @RocketIsRad shit, I bet you don't get on the bus he drives for TriMet and ask him when he's getting a "real job."

Twitter / K. Gibson: I wonder if anyone let #trimet know that their "shelters" on the green line are pretty much ineffectual if there's any wind.

Twitter / Kal Cobalt: Comical moment calling TriMet line to check on my bus - iPhone doesn't fit easily between my hoodie hood and my giant dangly 0g ear jewelry!

Twitter / Lena Munday: Grey days, empty streets, Trimet rides = time to think about art!

Twitter / Kon1: Got hella meanstreak tags in SE too! Oh and I hit a trimet bus with the bizzness! Should be flossin on the baack of the 72 all day!

Twitter / Melissa: I would love to know why it's ok for Trimet to park a bus thats not even in-service in the bike lane, forcing me into busy traffic going 50+ 3:08 PM Jan 23rd from web

Twitter / KTBMO: I love me some tranny bus driver... #trimet 8:41 AM Jan 23rd from Tweetie

Twitter / Carol Pucci: Portland public transport so far ahead of Seattle. Ride all day for $4.75, lite rail, buses, streetcars 8:34 AM Jan 23rd from Echofon

Twitter / This is my real name: I'm in a cab. Fuck you, Trimet. Faintly smells of shit under futile attempt at masking it. 1:39 AM Jan 23rd from txt

Friday, January 22, 2010

Even more links

TriMet: WES Works! Testimonials from WES riders

TriMet: WES Works! Testimonials from a WES conductor


Twitter / Ned Holbrook: No thanks to the driver of the TriMet 19 bus at Stark for not opening the door to let me on just now.

Twitter / Leslie Nichols: Landed in PDX and on the TriMet. Really nice to be in a town that's figured out that whole public transportation thing.

--Twitter / Admiral D: @TheOtherLeslie I'm jealous! LOL! I like PDX and I have ridden on the TriMet light rail! Have fun!!

Twitter / Meg Krugel: i've long loved public transit, but today, #trimet driver humiliated me and brought me to tears. needless to say, the love affair is over. 11:25 AM Jan 20th from web

Twitter / John St. Clair: @megkrugel: I'm a TriMet driver. Definitely call CS. Every call gets recorded. Most people think it doesn't help but it does. :)

Twitter / kberkery: Bum back made me take bus. Kudos to Trimet & riders. Driver welcomed us to Hillsdale! People thank the driver when getting off! Awesome!

Twitter / Gary!: yay trimet checked for fares! I like it when they justify my $75 monthly pass by kicking off the nonpayers

Twitter / Danielle Savory Huff: My first " long" journey on trimet. Got my schedule, snacks, a book, & 3 different knitting projects. What the adventure!

Twitter / Monica Havens: I HATE having to rely on #trimet! Can't even tell you how many times they've made me late for work. If there were another option I'd take it

Twitter / brittamarie: love how the Trimet cop just got mad at me for validating my ticket. "oh, so what is the TICKET VALIDATOR for?"

Twitter / Dragondazd: Trimet tried to add a fricking 30 minutes to my day with bottleneck delays and a stealth color change. could have told us while waiting damn 8:20 PM Jan 21st from web

Twitter / Celena Carr: He he. My @trimet driver just told someone trying to catch the bus to "run like you want it." 5:57 PM Jan 21st from Tweed

Twitter / art: @mattbarto @dsilver829 on trimet, I can even tell if the bus or train is late and by how many minutes! I'm moving! 5:07 PM Jan 21st from Echofon

Twitter / Chad Solomon: On @trimet line 56 to Portland with bus 2908, driver is laidback & very nice to everyone! 1:44 PM Jan 21st from mobile web

Twitter / Joseph Rose: @pinkessa yes. One incident tends to get blown out of proprtion. Still I wish Trimet actually kept track of these kinds of complaints 12:51 PM Jan 21st from TweetDeck

Twitter / Chad Solomon: You would think a trimet bus would be the last place to have a casual phone call about dying family members 12:32 PM Jan 21st from web

Twitter / Kelli Templin: Was gonna complain to Trimet bout my bus being 12 mins late, but don't wanna get strangled ;) 9:14 AM Jan 21st from mobile web

Twitter / MrMojave: Westbound Red Line train stuck at Mall station for last 10 minutes... I am stuck on WB Blue Line train behind it. #trimet 9:02 AM Jan 21st from Twitterrific

Twitter / Squid Vicious: I don't know what's going on with the drivers at TriMet but they seem 2 get in more trouble then the cast of Jersey Shore the last 12 months 8:22 AM Jan 21st from web

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More links

Twitter / Dan Christensen: Tonight was such a great night for driving a trimet bus, It reminds me of all the great things about Portland.... and the rain. about 3 hours ago from web

Twitter / Dan Christensen: After the success of no pants day on Trimet bus and trains they are going to have NO BRAINS DAY today. Very excited to see who rides. 9:29 AM Jan 17th from web

Twitter / Dan Christensen: Ready for my sunday bus drive portland oregon Line 12, have top hat rill roll. three to midnight. See ya sunday. 12:32 AM Jan 17th from web

Twitter / Atomic Taco: @oranviri Well when I was a kid I had AOL. I suppose their logo resmbles TriMet's current logo. 6:42 PM Jan 19th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Caleb Bushner: @MayorSamAdams does it right. I <3 @trimet. RT @TreeHugger: US Public Transit Riders Save $9,200/yr Compared to Drivers 2:08 PM Jan 19th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Kelly Temple: goiing to be late to class. gotta love trimet. 4:02 PM Jan 19th from mobile web

Twitter / Karen Evans: OMG! I have a radar app! I can track @trimet buses w/ it! SWEET! 5:18 PM Jan 19th from twidroid

Twitter / mileskane: @RobertDMorse Why pay? When people freeload, it hurts the entire community. Trimet's budget woes barely allow it to maintain basic service. 1:41 PM Jan 19th from Tweetie

Twitter / Tim Chin: Omg, crazy man on trimet... Literally crazy 2:49 PM Jan 18th from txt

Twitter / Brett: #trimet #ghettofabulous 4:55 PM Jan 17th from twidroid

Twitter / Brett: Damn, seriously?changing your baby's diaper on the max? #trimet #whatthefuck 4:48 PM Jan 17th from twidroid

Twitter / specialj: Ah trimet. My fault for missing the bus I should have been on, their fault for being 10 min late on the next one. Prob miss my transfer :( 5:04 PM Jan 16th from web


King County Metro North Base Field Trip

Sandy man beaten on Gresham MAX platform will get $75,000

Hey @trimet this was on the 15 belmont. FYI

TriMet light-rail substation incorporates art, wind, sun

TriMet: South Terminus Energy Project

Twitter / Meg Krugel: i've long loved public transit, but today, #trimet driver humiliated me and brought me to tears. needless to say, the love affair is over.

Twitter / spidermitch: Dear @TriMet, thanks for once again wasting my time with a mysterious evaporating bus. I'm taking a dump in the back of the 35. Good day. MM 7:40 AM Jan 19th from TweetDeck

Filming on @trimet.

Twitter / Lynn Twiss: #trimet MAX driver totally just talked smack over the PA to two riders that caused the train to stop at a light. 11:23 PM Jan 16th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Laura Jane: I am riding @trimet for the first time today! This is a big step for a former Metro girl...wish me luck. 2:23 PM Jan 16th from twidroid

Twitter / L Benjamin Fenton: Drama on the Max: I just saw some kid run away when a TriMet Officer tried to give him a 75$ ticket. He got away. 11:32 AM Jan 16th from txt

Twitter / Amanda Wolfe: Are the folks who program the Trimet trip planner on drugs? To get to Kennedy school from the Pearl, it says Blue to 82nd, then #72? WTF? 9:41 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Twitter / Chris Ross: @trimet Bus drivers selectively enforcing formally fareless square--the more insane and rude you act, the more likely you are to get a pass. 6:47 PM Jan 15th from Tweetie

Twitter / Nik Anderson: @trimet very exciting! Bus driver at the rose garden came across the center line to almost hit me head on. I was the white Subaru, honking. 5:27 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Twitter / adrienne morris: Fuck you, trimet, due to your incorrect timing i'm probably getting a write up at work. YOU'RE SO CONVENIENT. 5:23 PM Jan 15th from txt

Twitter / swansonx4: Pretty sure TriMet is trying to crush my will to live today... 5:00 PM Jan 15th from Twee

Twitter / smartasskicker: And i ask, yet again... When did Trimet get so dysfunctional? What a waste of time. 5:00 PM Jan 15th from txt

Twitter / Mandi Baldwin: @Dan_Christensen Tell all your brethren that I am VERY impressed w/ the professionalism and friendliness of all the PDX trimet people I meet 1:18 AM Jan 15th from web

Twitter / morgaN Star: really enjoys the daily adventure that is trimet 10:51 PM Jan 14th from Swift

Twitter / Mandi Baldwin: Watching some serious drama unfold on the train #trimet 9:56 PM Jan 14th from twidroid

Twitter / Brennan: The 44 bus smells like the inside of a hobo's armpit. Sorry to offend any hobos on Twitter/facebook. #pdx #trimet #fb 9:31 PM Jan 14th from txt

Twitter / Danny Chaoflux: Trimet ticket machine had epic unescapable error message via windows 95 looking popup. Trimet cops hassling people who got onboard anyhow. 5:50 PM Jan 14th from Twigee

YouTube - TriMet Buzzing Lamp at major bus stop.3gp [may be 61X stop at Beaverton TC]

Twitter / malken19: VR FRAK YEAH!!!! SOMEONE TURNED MY WALLET INTO TRIMET. JUST FOUND IT AT LOST AND FOUND!!!:) in Portland, OR 10:49 AM Jan 14th from Loopt

Twitter / Jane Pellicciotto: New to the bus. Very impressed by TriMet's site structure and features. They've thought of everything. 10:44 AM Jan 14th from web

Twitter / Weston Ruter: Ugh, there are waaay too many buses on line 8 Jackson Park to OHSU and Veteran's Hospital… Every. Single. Bus. @TriMet 9:20 AM Jan 14th from web

Twitter / Meredith L Thomasson: Hey @trimet, want to know why your ridership is so low? MAX trains don't stop long enough for people to get on board! 8:06 AM Jan 14th from Tweetie

Twitter / cthulhubert: Class got out 20 minutes early because the teacher kinda spaced. But Trimet would still get me home same time as waiting for the shuttle. 8:09 PM Jan 13th from txt

Twitter / Peter: @OregonianBiz Really? They must have stellar pr. Since the horrific bus line changes they refuse to address you'd think TriMet was pro rider 7:45 PM Jan 13th from Seesmic

Twitter / Rayleen Courtney: Getting on the westbound Max in NE, with grocery totes... right before a Blazer game. Epic TriMet fail. 7:14 PM Jan 13th from txt

Twitter / Andy Sherwood: It's always disturbing when you can smell skeezy people before you see them on MAX. #trimet 6:22 PM Jan 13th from TweetDeck

NYC Follows TriMet's Lead on Open Source

Twitter / ginarau: Sad to report that there is little to no use of "excuse me" when trying to get off a crowded @trimet train - more of a push. What happened? 5:02 PM Jan 13th from Twikini

Twitter / Joshua Ray : Got to love drivers with attitudes #trimet #fail 8:22 AM Jan 13th from Swift

Twitter / MrMojave: I haven't seen a fare inspector in weeks. So what happens when I forget my annual pass for the 1st time in a yr? Booted from train #trimet 8:15 AM Jan 13th from Twitterrific

Twitter / Hilarius: When oh when did Trimet go to shit? 11:08 PM Jan 12th from web

Father disputes TriMet video of child trapped by doors

Twitter / elliotay: found out @avatron is going to pay for an annual trimet pass for me once we move downtown. How sweet is that?! 6:49 PM Jan 12th from Tweetie

Funny, I'm on 82nd, not Division.... #trimet

Twitter / Patricia Wiggin: Why can't @trimet's 57 line EVER be on time!?!? Shoot me. 4:28 PM Jan 12th from txt

Twitter / Joe Wilson: @trimet driver on bus 2531 just stopped in auto lane to pick me up, rather than cut off man on bike in bike lane. Awesome. More please. 4:19 PM Jan 12th from Echofon

Twitter / Lisa Vequinox: police the rude drivers of Trimet. Things are getting out of hand. create new jobs in pdx that way with undercover riders! 1:00 PM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Lisa Vequinox: Someone needs to police the rude drivers of Trimet. Things are getting out of hand. My DH asked a simple question and driver ignored him. 12:58 PM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Katrina Wheeler: @seschloss @oregonian @TriMet Service also seems to be more frequent & more accessible in areas where its not needed as much 11:35 AM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Chad Solomon: @oranviri Yes, But KCM can count via fares, TriMet does not log passes or transfers as you get on like KCM does. 7:58 AM Jan 12th from web

Twitter / Jenna: Also: I think I missed a memo from trimet changing bus schedules AGAIN. Feck. 5:10 AM Jan 12th from Echofon

Twitter / Oran Viriyincy: @atomictaco Oh and TriMet's old logo arrowheads partly resemble a Triforce, a powerful relic from Zelda. 6:41 PM Jan 19th from Tweetie

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