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Thanks for the explanations! More juicy TriMet details! Seriously, I do
understand that the stop was originally closed due to the construction on
the hotel on that block. However, instead of allowing the bus stop to
re-open, the city has now put parking there.

I'm not really concerned about the lower sign, except for the possible
accessibility issue. I think my biggest issue is that people might check
Transit Tracker for Stop 12792 expecting info about the 38, 43, etc that
were "temporarily" moved from Stop 12793. Overall, I feel that when the
permanent stickers for the 38, 43, etc were placed on the 12792 sign
(instead of using a Temporary Bus Stop sign), the info should have been
entered in so that it shows up in the Trip Planner, Transit Tracker, etc.

If you haven't seen it, I explained this issue and some others to Al. See

Also, does SAM really stand for "Stops and Amenities *Manager*"? And
knowing the cost of the lower sign, I'll forgive you for not fixing some of
those (like in Chinatown) that are beat up/have been vandalized. The good
news is that (I'm assuming) they won't be used after May.

Lastly, I like what they did on the other side of the hotel:

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OK, so the missing stop. First of all, the lower sign comes from England and
costs $1200. Getting replacements takes forever, apparently. At the time it
was installed, the information was supposed to be correct, but then other
routes were added.

The missing stop was supposed to be a temporary construction closure, so it
was not turned off in SAM. "Temporary" turned out to be a very long time,
but TriMet has repeatedly been told that it's "almost" there. My preference
would have been to close it down, but it's not my project. The bus stop
expert says she's expecting something definitive on the subject this week.
We'll see!


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You reached me fine. As for the pictures, I think I fixed the links (I gave
them absolute paths; I have a feeling that you were browsing the set or the
photostream, which results in longer URLs than just the, but if not they should
point to these:

I'll have more stuff later.

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In a cursory and lackluster search, this is the only contact information I
could find. Feel free to email me about the pictures you looked to. When I
clicked on the photos of signs, it just led back to the same page I was on.

--Jeff Frane



Jason McHuff

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Second response.

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I'm still waiting for some explanation about the route numbers on the
TrueForm signage. In regard to the missing shelter (it no longer shows up
that way, but lists a shelter installed), here's the official response from
the one person that knows more about our stops than anyone else. SAM refers
to the Stops and Amenities database; the stop information on the website
pulls information directly from SAM.

"There is always a delay from the time most amenities are installed to the
time it shows up in SAM. This is due to a number of factors including the
need for an inspection of the installation before we can deem the workorder
complete. Prior to this past fall, cost information was also required
before amenities would show up in SAM, which generally meant waiting for an
invoice (which oftentimes was at least a month after the installation took
place). If there were issues (either from the inspection or the invoice or
even with the system) that then added even more time. As of this past fall,
we no longer need to wait for the costs to show the amenities in SAM, so
that has shortened the wait time a bit."
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